Bastards of Young

Bastards of Young

The story so far...

These are dark times in Othereon. Bad things are happening in the Anthorian Borderlands, including the reemergence of the Ancient Cult of Shuddatho.
In an inn in the small town of Nealy, a dragonborn fighter named Brash and his companion, the gnome rogue Friedo, meet an old friend, the dwarven barbarian warlock, Brunden Stormhammer. They are quickly tapped by the locals to deal with some goblin bandits to the south on the North Road. They deal with the goblins quickly, taking a prisoner George Goblin.
They return with their prisoner just in time to save some of the local children from being taken by the Cult of Shuddatho. George Goblin comes in with an assist to the party, and they free him as long as he stays with them. They take one of the cult members prisoner. When the cult sends more members to town to kidnap the children, the party gets help from a cleric named Ingtar. They take a cult member prisoner, and then head out with the merchant caravan that Ingtar had been traveling with as guards.
Along the way, the prisoner starts acting strangely, and then his brain bursts inside of his head. Shortly after that, the caravan is attacked by blights in the woods. The party defeats the blights, and gets the caravan to it’s destination. The party starts to head towards the town of Wheat’s Landing, with their new friend Ingtar.
They come across a young boy being chased by orcs. The party saves the kid, Enplay, and stays the night at the family farm. They arrive in Wheat’s Landing, where they interfere with an assassination plot, and meet with the spiritual leader of the town, a cleric of Erathis named Benn. Benn asks them to continue their investigation into the cult of Shuddatho in the southern town of Nowhere.


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