Bastards of Young

The Village of Holder / Gnolls

The party has been sent by the cleric Benn, to further investigate the Cult of Shuddatho. Heading south to the town of Nowhere from Wheat’s Landing, the group finds the village of Holder, which is amusingly quite normal. They spend the night at the Inn of the Swedish Fish.

Heading further south the next day, they are “ambushed” by a group of noisy gnolls. The gnolls put up quite a strong fight, and both Brash and Fredo are knocked out. Brunden and Ingtar manage to finish the gnolls off and stabilize their friends.

A lizardman paladin named Neuman arrives to help heal the party. He tells them that he is on his way to the city of Lud, because he had a vision in a dream telling him to go there.


dharmabob dharmabob

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